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Welcome to Kantipur Int'l open Education Pvt.Ltd. Our journey begins from 2004 AD with the aim to Provide Platform to pursue quality higher education globally for global opportunity.
In accordance with our objectives we have set up strong foundation. Our foundation includes the philosophy on service delivery, learning friendly infrastructure and quality team involvement.

There are two branches on our services delivery.
1) Open Schooling
2) International Education

  1. Open Schooling:

    Our open schooling program enables people to pursue higher education and grab more opportunity. It helps people to bring in the mainstream of education and provide the ladder to higher/university education. Any ages, professionís people will be treated in their level for bringing them into mainstream of education.We are delivering national and international level open schooling degree for X, XII and high school diploma courses, which can be completed in short, span of time. Thousands of students have been benefited by these courses. The successful students from our institution are involved in many governmental authorities. They are holding very significant roles. Many of them has developed their further advance career in private and international arena as well.

  2. International Education:

    we are providing different services for enabling students to pursue international education nationally and internationally. As quality deliver is our principle matter, we carefully choose the quality aspects from preparation to deliver level. There are two branches of our international education.

    1. Educating Internationally

    2. International Education at Home

      1. Educating Internationally:

        We are providing different services for domestic students to study in quality international education institutions. We prepare to students to comply with requirement set by the particular institution which delivery the quality education. Mainly we provide quality preparation classes on IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE. Finding the right study path is very crucial aspect to students.This really shapes their future life rather career.It has more sensitiveness in international education delivery. So we put our sincere effort to bring best possible option in studentís life.

      2. International education at home:

        We are putting our effort for delivering higher international education in our home country. So that national and international student could come to Nepal for pursuing quality higher education. Our group is putting great effort for quality and effective delivery.

    Being a part of Kantipur Int'l Open Education Pvt. Ltd You can fuel and grow to meet your objectives of life in real base. We prepare our self as trusty Partner of aspiring student, who really seek good value of their life. We properly prepare you to meet your aspiration of life.

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